Oxford science park

Oxford is a globally recognised city of England, most noted for its Oxford University. Oxford’s ancient and modern history, is rich in royalty and world changing scholars and academicians. Today, Oxford is a European city that is very cosmopolitan, yet retains its ancient history ambiance, and is a growing hi-tech world community, that is helping to shape its growing economy.

Oxford England has grown to be a thriving business sector of mixed industries that run the gamut of education, health, global retails stores, manufacturing and distribution, universal scientific advancement industries, and certainly tourism. This beautiful city is internationally recognised as promoting the science of biotechnology, advanced engineering in all fields, and the best in the technology disciplines. 

Thus, the Oxford Science Park was formed and is designed as a unique commercial centre for science, technology and business tenants. Sharing Oxford University’s landscape, is the Oxford Science Park, which is a joint venture between Magdalen College, one of the oldest colleges of the University, recognised for it’s excellence in science and Nobel Prize winners in the field of medicine, literature, and economics. Another partner, in addition to Oxford University, is The Prudential Assurance Company, the world famous financial investment corporation.

The Science Park is also designed to invite the best minds, from both academic industries and non-academic areas, with the purpose of forming and developing knowledge based businesses and different innovative companies. Science Park is purposely set up and networked, to freely engage companies and experts in the sharing of technology, business innovations, products, services, and global business skills.

Oxford Science Park features shared buildings, each that uniquely offer various features and amenities for its tenants. These buildings are known as the Winchester House, the Sadler Building, the Fletcher House, and the new building suite of offices, the Hub. Science Park is still growing with future plans for further development, based on assured letting tenants. Presently, there are more than 60 companies that represent the computer industry, bioscience, telecommunications, and environmental science industries.

The architecturally modern buildings, are all multi-purposed buildings, for example, the Sadler building is designed as the main focus of the Oxford Science Park, with its austered glass front, surrounded by lush foliage. It offers office spaces that are designed for companies in the science and technology arenas, as well as for general office use.

The Fletcher House is a three storey, boxed shaped, glass building, with lifts, an atrium, and a manicured lakeside view. It is designed for office use with the best in technology equipment and is also designed to be used for laboratory and research office space. The Magdalen Centre South is the original building of the Science Park with the Magdalen Centre North as its extension. Both office buildings are linked to each other by an interior bridge. Magdalen Centre South and Magdalen Centre North, are designed for a mixture of small laboratories, research office suites, and large organisations.

Oxford Science Park is a thriving self-contained community with easy access via bus transportation, and the Science Park’s own colorful taxis. This Science Park offers its business tenants, the best in security, 24 hours/7days a week, a varied range of modern conference facilities and many meeting suite accommodations. In addition to top meeting space, there is daily child care facilities, located in each building, shower facilities, top catering businesses, cafes and an enjoyable, relaxing centre, known as the Ozone Leisure Centre, offering bowling, netball, badminton, tennis, and running tracks.

Oxford England and its partners has provided infrastructure engineering, that enables the following benefits and technology features, such as broadband, WiFi connections, public payphones, internal net systems, video conferencing, and cabling.

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